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math class' Journal

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27th September 2002

patrickwonders1:10pm: NumberTheory101 (#3): Chinese Remainder Theorem

Disclaimers and Apologies

I said, in the last lesson, that we would get into factoring during this lesson. I had forgotten, at the time, that I wanted to hit on the Chinese Remainder Theorem. So, factoring will have to wait until next class.

In other news, I entirely blew creating a class for two weeks ago. And, last week, I was sick to the point of inertness for 80% of the week. My apologies for blowing the class two weeks ago. I hope the content is interesting enough to bring y'all back after this unscheduled hiatus.

More GCD, Linear Congruences, and the Chinese Remainder TheoremCollapse )
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25th September 2002

basseykay12:16am: topology: class delayed
I'm afriad I will have to delay this week's class, hopefully I will be able to do it on thursday. Sorry to disapoint.


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17th September 2002

basseykay11:57pm: notation used in math_class' topology class
comming soon! I will edit this to contain the right stuff later.

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basseykay11:41pm: Topology (#1): Topology of the plane

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Topology of the planeCollapse )

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13th September 2002

patrickwonders8:54am: NumberTheory101 (#2a): Answers to problems with Euclidean Algorithm

First, let me apologize. Somehow, in my head, I thought I had already posted these answers. Oi.

I am running behind on this week's lesson as well. It will be out by early next week.

Answers to problemsCollapse )
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8th September 2002

ka3ytl11:43pm: Algebra
It seems as there is some interest in an Algebra class. I am willing to teach it as long as people are willing to wait another week or so for me to settle in at school.

School officially starts this week and I know that things will be crazy :)

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basseykay2:15pm: math_class news #3
Well, it looks like topology did best in the poll, so I'll post an intro on Tuesday, and then a class each tuesday after that. I do feel that it would be good to do the algebra too, and I may do that as well if I find I have lots of extra time, but don't count on it :-). See you all on tuesday!


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3rd September 2002

basseykay12:43pm: Poll
Here is a poll where you can vote for what class I will teach. I have only listed subjects I feel comfortable teaching, so your suggestion may not appear on this list. Basic (precalc style) algebra is very much a prerequisite for the calculus and complex analysis courses, but most people have allready had a good bit of algebra, so I feel comfortable skipping this (if no one minds).

Looking towards the future, the complex analysis course could easily lead to a course in hyperbolic geometry, and the topology course could easily lead to a knot theory class.


What class should I (basseykay) teach?

algebra (pre-calc level, but from a more "mathy" perspective than it is normally taught)
calculus ( rates of change, integrals, and other such stuff)
complex analyis (imaginary numbers and stuff!)
topology ( geometry without measurements, the study of shape!)

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patrickwonders11:30am: NumberTheory101 (#1a): Answers to problems in Modular Arithmetic
Answers to problemsCollapse )
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basseykay9:53am: Appologies
Finally I have internet access again. The first thing I am doing, before even checking my email, is to apologize here. I just moved to a new apartment on friday, and in the hassle was not able to post the poll. I then found that the library where I expected to be able to use the internet was closed all weekend and labor day, despite signs claiming that it would be open saturday and sunday. Oh well. I'm here now.

I will post the poll later today. Sorry for any inconvenience.


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27th August 2002

patrickwonders7:02pm: NumberTheory101 (#0): Introduction

How is this going to go?

Read more...Collapse )

What are we going to learn?

Read more...Collapse )

Links to all of the classes

the linksCollapse )
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basseykay12:51am: math_class news #2
  1. I should point out that the poll is mainly to help me decide what to teach. If anyone of you has something specific in mind they can just send me a proposal.

  2. patrickwonders has offer to teach a class. I think he will be posting his intro shortly.

  3. Here is a proposal for the subject heading of a post for a class. classname #classnumber subject. Anyone have a better idea. I am just throwing a very hasty idea out there.


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26th August 2002

basseykay1:58pm: math_class news #1
  1. ka3ytl and burr86 have each offered to teach a class.

  2. I will put all suggested classes in a poll sometime on friday and will do my best to make the necessary decisions by the following monday. With three people offering to teach so far we should be able to have a diverse selection.


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25th August 2002

basseykay3:17pm: Welcome to math_class!
Hi! This is your friendly maintainer speaking.

Suggestions requested! Nominations are needed for the first class. I was thinking that it might be good to start with algebra, but I want to know what others think to! Ideas for a user pic, improvements to the profile page, and possible additions to the interest list are all welcome.

If there are many suggestions for the first class I will take the most popular and set up a poll.


[ I have now made this post the permanent home for suggestions, with a link from the profile page. ]

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